Opportunity for the Future

Training and job placement for young people at risk of social exclusion, through sport


The Sports Federation Union of Catalonia’s

Department of Social Action

has launched the INSERsport program

The program focuses on sports training, job placement, equality and healthy lifestyle habits for young people at risk of social exclusion. More than 85 young people from vulnerable social groups learn a sport, acquire healthy lifestyle habits, obtain federative certification that allows them to work as instructors and referees, and are hired for a first job related to what they studied in the program.

Within the program, we encourage this first job to act as a bridge towards future employment and, above all, future studies.

As of 2017, ten sports federations, along with collaborative organizations from the third sector, are a part of this project. 10 different sports are available for participants to choose from, study and train in as instructors or referees.

About the Participants’ Stories
Table Tennis


19 years old, Syria

"The possibility of helping Syria’s children is very important to me''

Almuhannad is part of a group of Syrian football players who had promising futures in their country until their lives were brought to a standstill because of war

Sofi EscudéOFFSIDE Director

This program has helped Almuhannad practice relating to people, as well as his language skills

Sofi EscudéOFFSIDE Director


17 years old, Spain

"If it were not for INSERsport, I would be over there just hanging around"

The most gratifying part of the project is without a doubt the fact that participants are integrated, engaged, that they laugh while they are learning and that they leave happy at the end of the day

Xènia EsteveBasketball coach

Despite incidents at the beginning, he has progressed a lot in a short period of time

Josep Maria Hernandez Residential Center Director

He started with little concentration and motivation, however, his behavior and attitude has evolved for the better

Xènia EsteveBasketball coach
Sports for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Cristian and Soraya

22 and 16 years old, Bolivia and Spain

"I want a future where I can continue to train in and find work related to this sport''

Cristian had never undertaken any kind of training and he welcomed the opportunity to be a part of this project

Angie CarrascoYouth Specialist, Casa dels Cargols

This program goes beyond sport and works on matters related to socialization and inclusion. This is very beneficial for people in situations like Cristian’s

Angie CarrascoYouth Specialist, Casa dels Cargols
Table Tennis


22 years old, Egypt

"I think I’ll have the opportunity to find work related to table tennis''

Table tennis is an emotional game and it helps you learn to react quickly

IslamTable tennis

I’m having a very good experience here. The teachers are very helpful

IslamTable tennis

I think I’ll have the opportunity to find work related to table tennis

IslamTable tennis

Bilal and Sergi

18 years old, Spain

"I wish to be like the instructors who have led this course''

We had a group with very little homogeneity, with participants coming from different neighborhoods, and with different nationalities. At first, it was very difficult for them to interact with each other

Ferran MartínezMataró Sailing School Coordinator

Sergi and Bilal have made the most of their time and have changed many things for the better

Ferran MartínezMataró Sailing School Coordinator


16 years old, Spain

"These courses have helped me a lot and I would like to continue playing sports"

These courses have helped me a lot and I would like to continue playing sports