Sport is a very powerful tool for fighting social exclusión

The Sports Federation Union of Catalonia’s (UFEC) Social Action Department has launched the INSERsport program. It is aimed at young people who are at risk of social exclusion and make use of third sector organizations that collaborate with UFEC. UFEC’s relationships with these organizations come together to form a kind of network. This collaboration has expanded as more sports clubs and federations that are passionate about these issues have become involved. At 2017, 10 sports federations, more than 30 third sector organizations and several municipalities were part of the program.

For the 2018 are already 200 the youngsters inscribed and more than 16 federations the collaborators.

In line with the EU Work Plan for Sport, INSERsport focuses on sports training, job placement, equality, healthy lifestyle habits and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Through this program, young people at risk of social exclusion learn a sport, acquire healthy lifestyle habits, obtain federative certification that allows them to work as instructors and referees, and are hired for a first job related to what they have studied. Within the program, we encourage this first job to act as a bridge towards future employment and, above all, future studies.



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Talking to the people involved

INSERsport is the most social part of the world of sport

The President of the Sports Federation Union of Catalonia, Gerard Esteva, talks about the INSERsport Project.

Treballem amb les competències We work with widely applicable skills

Milena de Murga, the Head of the Department of Social Action at the Sports Federation Union of Catalonia, explains the INSERsport Project